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GoldenView Photo Studio San Antonio specializes in embracing the beauty of pregnancy and newborn babies with professional photography in a private photo studio designed with expectant and new moms in mind. Our studio offers the privacy and comfort you and your little one deserve during the scheduled photo session.
Maternity and Newborn portraits are our area of expertise. Our experienced photographer brings not only artistic skills but also experience working with the special needs of pregnant women and precious newborn infants.

While simple elegance and timeless styling is our focus, we look to our clients for suggestions on what type of image they would like captured. Each portrait session is unique and planned with the clients needs and personality in mind resulting in a unique and personal work of art.

GoldenView Photo Studio is located inside GoldenView Ultrasound. GoldenView Ultrasound offers 3d/4d/5d prenatal Ultrasound services allowing expectant families the ability to capture images and video of their unborn child in the womb using state of the art ultrasound equipment from GE. GoldenView Photo studio was a natural extension of this business as our focus is on celebrating pregnancy and new life. We are very excited that now we are able to see the same beautiful babies inside as well as outside of the womb.

Call us at 888-915-2229 to schedule your appointment today!

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Located inside GoldenView Ultrasound San Antonio. GoldenView Ultrasound is a 3d/4d Prenatal Ultrasound facility offering expectant families the opportunity to capture photos and videos of their unborn child in the womb with amazing clarity. We are located in the Woodstone Oaks Business Center.
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